How to Know if You Have a Water Line Leak

How to Know if You Have a Water Line Leak 5 Steps

A waterline leak can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage. How to Know if You Have a Water Line Leak 5 Steps, Water can cause stains, mold and bacteria growth, structural damage and more. However, you can expect mitigation, damage removal, drying, resurfacing and carpet cost. Worse still, water leaks can be sneaky, go unnoticed and cause cumulative problems. So how can you detect a water leak if most of the plumbing is behind walls? Start with these common signs, then call professional waterline leak services.

Hicks Plumbing provides such services to residents of Oakton, How to Know if You Have a Water Line Leak. Fix your waterline leaks before more money is wasted. Also, consider replacing your obsolete, leak-prone plumbing with systems that will last for decades. With Hicks you can be sure to have a working plumbing.

Below are some early signs of a waterline leak

First, turn the water valve off. Then check the water meter and see if it continues to spin. A constantly spinning water meter indicates a leak. A counter that spins very slowly may go unnoticed, so drop everything, wait, and then check for movement.

If the meter continues to run, there is probably a water leak somewhere. Call a professional right away to fix it before things get worse.

Toilets Repair

Toilets consume almost a third of the water used in a home. So, it’s the next logical place to check it out. Water spots, especially vertical ones in the toilet bowl, are a good sign of a leak in the toilet. For a more thorough test, drip a small amount of food coloring into the wash tank. Then, give things about 10 or 15 minutes.

If you go back and see that the bowl of water is noticeably colored, the tank may be leaking. Contact a plumber to manage a fix. Your toilet may require a rubber valve, gasket or complete replacement.

Sprinkler System

If your watering is on a timer and pressure system, a leak will steal water from your plants and money out of your pocket. PVC pipes age very quickly and are often used in landscaping. Even a faulty small dripper pipe can dispense dozens of gallons of water in just a few hours. Hire a plumbing company to check your landscape pipes every 6 months and replace parts as needed.

Wooden Cabinets

Most kitchen and bathroom furniture is made of compressed chipboard with a glued sleek surface. The same furniture tends to absorb water quickly when exposed. The tell-tale signs are warping, foaming, dry rot and flaking.

As the exposure to water continues, the wood softens and can be pierced with a little pressure with a hand or tool. If any of these signs are found, there is likely a leak under or behind the cabinet wall. A professional plumber near me service can detect and fix such leaks.

Waterline Leak Repair Program in Oakton, VA

Hire a professional plumber to check your home first, not after major leaks occur. Prevention is always much cheaper than damage control, especially with water. Hicks Plumbing, is happy to fix waterline leaks for homeowners. To comment on our knowledge and enthusiasm about sanitary ware, simply refer to our references.

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