Is Your Storage Too Chilly For Your Fridge Freezer?

are naturally very chilly in the course of the winter months, however certainly that’s a superb factor isn’t it?  Regrettably not so far as your fridge freezer is anxious.  Allow us to clarify:

Mixed fridge freezers normally solely have one thermostat which is usually positioned throughout the fridge part.  When the ambient temperature of the room the unit is positioned in falls to freezing, the thermostat within the fridge could nicely flip off.  If the temperature stays round freezing for a couple of hours then the thermostat will stay off and never come again on because the fridge compartment is chilly sufficient to do its job.

The issue comes when the thermostat is of for a protracted time frame.  The unit’s compressor will cease working when the thermostat is off which implies that the freezer just isn’t working and can steadily warmth as much as the ambient temperature of the room.  Though nonetheless very chilly, this will nicely not be chilly sufficient to maintain meals frozen.  The freezer could begin to defrost.

Chest freezers ought to have their very own thermostat management so won’t be vulnerable to the issue.

Any fridge freezers saved in chilly environments reminiscent of garages, outbuildings or unheated conservatories are liable to this downside in durations of very low temperatures.  In case your unit doesn’t have separate thermostats for the fridge and freezer then do be cautious.  As a substitute, you would possibly take into account buying a separate fridge and freezer, every of which ought to have their very own thermostats.

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