How To Find a Water Leak At Home

Plumbing malfunctions can be fixed without calling a master, but it is not possible to say this for deep water leaks. How to find a water leak at home? If you want to learn how to detect a water leak, you can try even if it does not give exact results. You need more than one indicator to make sure there is a water leak. Whistling sound on the wall and ceiling, dampness, dampness, wetness on the floor, darkening of the concrete on the walls, paint spills, darkness between the tile joints, low height indicate water leakage.

If such situations are experienced in your apartment, you probably have a water leak problem. Another method is to close the water valve completely to make sure there are no water leaks. Record the numbers in the valve counter at the time of closing. If, after waiting for half an hour, the counter has advanced and the numbers have changed, your installation is leaking water. If you want to get professional and guaranteed service about water leakage, you can contact us as plumber near me service.

How to Detect Water Leakage at Home?

In any case, there will be no water leaks in clearly visible places. Buddha prevents it from being found through personal observation. Most of the time, because the plumbing pipes pass through the floor or wall, what we call a hidden water leak occurs. Specially produced water leak detection devices should be used for precise location determination.

Detection without using a device will be by observation only. If there is a sudden bad smell in your apartment, if there is spillage and darkening on the wall or pan, if there are wet floors, wet concrete and walls on the floor, ceiling or anywhere in the house, you should detect a water leak. . This issue needs to be fixed and fixed.

How To Find a Water Leak At Home

How Do I Find a Water Leak Without a Device?

If you are getting a water leak detection job from a professional plumbing company, it will definitely perform the detection with the device. In our country, these types of devices have been used by installation companies that offer serious and institutional solutions for more than 5 years. With these devices with cameras, heat sensitive and sound vibration detection, the location of water leaks is 100% detected.

Nothing is a guarantee in the process of finding a water leak without a device. Never break any part of your home without being sure. If you try to find plumbing water leakage with old methods and techniques, you will have to pour water in many places.

How To Find a Water Leak At Home

  • If your bills are constantly increasing compared to the previous period, you may suspect a water leak.
  • If there is a leak from above in your downstairs neighbor's ceiling or apartment, or if there is a complaint of water flowing from the upper floor of the installation, you probably have a water leak problem.
  • If there are spills and molds on the ceiling or wall of your house, it indicates a water leak.
  • If there is a meaningless bad smell in the apartment and it is constantly increasing, there is a high probability of water leakage.
  • If your water meter is shutting down even though it is turned off, there is a water leak.
  • If the pressure ratio in the combi boiler drops every other day, there is a high probability that a water leak or water leak has started in your heating system.

These devices and equipment, which are used to detect water leaks and detect the exact location of water leaks, are advanced technology products. Since device costs are high, it may not be available in every plumber company. For this reason, you will still encounter those who try to find the old-fashioned water leak, but be careful not to ruin your house because we will find the water leak for nothing. How to find a water leak at home? Apartment owners who ask the question may encounter water leakage in problems such as heating system, clean water system, waste water system, boiler system. You can contact us for professional plumbing repair service.