How Long Do Water Lines Last?

How Long Do Water Lines Last? + 3 Way

How Long Do Water Lines Last? Water lines are vital to any residential or commercial structure, and manufacturers make water pipes for this very reason. They are not invincible, however, and have finally reached their breaking point. When you need a water service line replacement, hire a team of top quality plumbers for a quick and responsive solution.

Hicks Plumbing is among the top plumbing services in the Northern Virginia area. How Long Do Water Lines Last? We offer residential and commercial customers excellent repair and installation services for water, heating and sewer systems. Our team of experienced professionals can identify the problem and fix it without any hassle. If you have a problem with your water line or anywhere else in your plumber near me service system, call Hicks Plumbing.

Below, we discuss the lifespan of a waterline and the signs that it is a problem:

The Life of a Waterline

Water lines connect homes to a municipal water supply that is buried deep in the ground. The mainline supplies running water to homes, especially within a suburban or urban housing development.

Typically, main waterline pipes last for decades. Some experts estimate it takes around 70 years, although it can vary from development to development.

If your home is fairly old—built in the 1950s or earlier, or even the 1980s—you should have the water line checked. Additionally, external events can affect the condition of your water line, leading to situations that require the emergency line to be replaced.

Below we detail the signs that you need such a change.

Signs of a Broken Water Line

A broken waterline is a huge problem, but it can be difficult to detect because you can’t see it with your own eyes. However, given that it is such a big problem, it will inherently have a few obvious signs that it is deteriorating. Here are some signs to watch out for:

Puddles in the Garden

If you’re seeing puddles and swampy areas around your lawn, you’re likely getting signs of a leaky or broken water line. However, if you are seeing this and also smelling sewage, your sewer line may be faulty instead.

High Water Bills

Extremely high water bills can be a sign of many different things; a leaky faucet, inefficient plumbing, a clogged pipe, or a resident using too much water. However, if you’re noticing high water bills no matter what you do at home, you’ve probably experienced leaks in your water line.

Low Water Pressure

In general, if all faucets, shower heads and bathrooms are affected, they can be caused by the same problem. In this case, if you notice that all the faucets and other water fixtures are emitting water at a lower pressure than normal, it likely means that there is a problem with the water line.

In any situation and anxiety, be alert and ready to make a decision. This is what you should consider looking for a reliable plumbing service and choosing one as your emergency plumbing company.

Effective Water Service Line Replacement

How Long Do Water Lines Last? Broken or leaking water lines are a serious problem, so be prepared for that. At Hicks Plumbing, we are among the most sensitive and experienced in performing quick water service line replacement and repair services. We also specialize in a variety of plumbing services, including water heater installation, sewer line repair and much more.

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