Find out how to Substitute a Sacrificial Anode in your Scorching Water System

What’s a Sacrificial Anode?

A sacrificial anode, or scorching water anode, performs an important half in maintaining the storage cylinder in your scorching water system free from corrosion, thus extending the lifetime of your scorching water service. The anode rod is made out of both aluminium, magnesium or zinc and penetrates into the tank’s inside to guard the metallic lining of your tank from corrosion. It does this by oxidizing extra rapidly than the metallic it’s defending and is totally consumed earlier than the opposite metallic (your tank) reacts to the electrolytes and begins to corrode.

In laymen phrases, the anode will corrode and breakdown as an alternative of your scorching water tank, which extends life expectancy of your scorching water system.

How do I do know if I would like to alter my Scorching Water Anode?

Cloudiness in your scorching water can point out extreme sediment constructed up in your scorching water system. Rusty colored water or an egg like odour can also be an indication the sacrificial anode rod has fully damaged down and a alternative is required.

The best choice is to routinely exchange your sacrificial anode, we suggest each 4-5 years. This can rely upon:

  • The producer directions
  • High quality of your water
  • How a lot water travels by way of your water heater

Observe: When you have comfortable water, the anode rod will deteriorate at a a lot sooner fee.

How do I alter a Scorching Water Anode?

  1. Step one is to flip any energy off to your scorching water tank and the chilly water provide. You are able to do this by turning off the facility isolation change and the chilly water feed faucet or you possibly can flip off the principle chilly water provide to the home, often situated on the water meter.
  2. As soon as the facility and water are remoted, pull the stress temperature aid valve to take away any stress from the system after which drain down the tank by eradicating approx. 10 litres of scorching water. You are able to do this by way of the tank drain valve and bear in mind the water shall be above 60 levels Celsius, so be sure you have a backyard hose arrange on the drain line, a bucket to take away the new water, gloves on and security glasses to forestall scalding.
  3. As soon as drained, flip the drain valve off once more and find the Anode, which is often discovered on the highest of the unit – you could have to take away the highest panel to find the hex head of the anode.
  4. As soon as discovered, loosen the hex head with a big shifting spanner or socket set. You could discover the anode nut arduous to budge, so somewhat further pressure could also be required to get it began. Then hold unscrewing till the rod could be fully faraway from the tank.
  5. Apply some plumber’s Teflon Tape to the thread of the brand new anode, then set up it into place, firstly by hand after which tighten it with a shifting spanner till a superb seal is achieved – however don’t over-tighten.
  6. Now it’s time to flip the chilly water provide and energy again on. As soon as each are on, flush any air out of the system by turning on a scorching faucet within the residence till the gurgling sound stops.
  7. Then you’re able to examine for leaks. Examine across the new anode connection, the drain valve the place you drained the new water system from and the stress temperature aid valve you flushed firstly of the job.

No Leaks? Properly now you’re set for the following 4-5 years.

Need assistance from Melbourne’s Finest Scorching Water Plumbers?

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