Tankless water heater repair cost 2023

Tankless water heater repair cost 2023, have gotten an increasing number of standard in houses around the globe. Since there isn’t any water tank in these programs, they don’t take up a lot area in the home. As an alternative of heating the water and storing it for later use, they warmth it immediately. They’re low upkeep, however issues corresponding to pilot mild, thermostat and valve issues can nonetheless happen with tankless water heaters. When this occurs, your heater must be repaired.

The nationwide common for tankless water heater repair cost prices is between $20 and $650, with most householders paying $375 to repair a loud rumbling heater. The low value of this mission for tightening a free valve is $50. The excessive value of putting in a high-end mini tank heater to deal with a chilly water sandwich is $1,000.

Price to repair a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater repair Value
Nationwide common value $375
Common vary $100-$650
Low-end $50
Excessive-end $1,000

Tankless Water Heater repair Price by Fueling Methodology

There are numerous fueling strategies for tankless water heaters. Some are powered by electrical energy, whereas others use gasoline. There are additionally other forms, corresponding to photo voltaic and oil-powered heaters, and repair prices fluctuate between these varieties as a result of some have extra complicated and costly elements.

Kind Common Price (Labor Included)
Electric $100 – $600
Gas $150 – $650
Propane $150 – $650
Oil $150 – $650
Solar $200 – $700

Electrical Tankless Water Heater repair Value

The common value of electrical tankless water heater repairs is between $100 and $600. Electrical heaters are usually the most affordable to repair however can nonetheless have a variety of technical issues, together with points with the wiring, thermostat issues, and harm to the heating factor.

Tankless Gasoline Water Heater repair Price

Householders spend between $150 and $650 on tankless gasoline tankless water heater repair cost. Gasoline items are one of the widespread varieties, and so they can endure from a spread of issues that require skilled repairs, together with pilot mild and burner points, gasoline management valve issues, and piping points.

Propane Tankless Water Heater repair Value

To repair a propane 1 tankless water heater, count on to pay between $150 and $650. They’re a selected gasoline heater powered by propane. They will endure from the identical points as different gasoline tankless heaters, corresponding to burner issues, pipe damages, and thermostat points.

Price to repair an Oil Tankless Water Heater

The price to repair an oil tankless water heater averages $150 to $650. Oil-fired heaters have a lot in widespread with gasoline and propane programs, besides they use oil. Doable points you would possibly encounter with this kind embrace burner points, valve repairs, and pipe issues.

Photo voltaic Tankless Water Heater repair Price

Householders pay between $200 and $700 for photo voltaic tankless water heater repairs. Most photo voltaic programs embrace tanks, however you’ll be able to energy a tankless unit with solar energy. You’ll have to take care of repairs to the photo voltaic panels and collectors, which will be expensive in comparison with different tankless heaters.

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Tankless Water Heater repair Price by Kind of repair

Varied issues can come up with a tankless water heater, together with blown fuses, pilot mild points, and thermostat issues. Some issues are cheaper and less complicated to resolve than others, so the price of your repairs relies on the issue. The desk under reveals widespread examples and common prices to repair every.

Kind of repair Common Price (Labor Included)
Fuse $50 – $75
Vent $50 – $125
Pilot Mild $75 – $150
Thermostat $75 – $150
Stress Reduction Valve $75 – $150
Pipe $100 – $350

Fuse repair Value

The common value of fuse repair in tankless water heaters is between $50 and $75. Sometimes, you can not repair fuses as a result of they’re very small and delicate. So, they have to be changed if one thing goes flawed. The one exception is that if a fuse has fallen out of place and must be readjusted to get the system working.

Tankless Water Heater Vent repair Price

For tankless water heater vent repairs, count on to spend between $50 and $125. Any unit that makes use of gasoline or propane wants a air flow system to take harmful byproducts away from the house, however vents might should be patched if they’re cracked or broken.

Tankless Water Heater Pilot Mild repair Price

Householders spend between $75 and $150 on pilot mild repairs in tankless heaters. The pilot mild is a element present in gasoline fashions. It’s a small flame that lights the heater’s burner to warmth the water. If it goes out, the meeting across the mild would possibly should be readjusted or the sunshine re-lit by an expert.

Price to repair a Tankless Water Heater Thermostat

To repair a tankless heater thermostat 2, count on to pay between $75 and $150. The thermostat is an important element in any heating system as a result of it detects and controls the water temperature. Damaged thermostats might trigger the water to turn into scalding sizzling or not warmth in any respect. A broken thermostat may very well be rewired or readjusted whether it is within the flawed place.

Stress Reduction Valve repair Price

Stress aid valve repairs for tankless water heaters common $75 to $150. The stress aid valve relieves extra stress within the heating system, so preserving this valve in working order is essential. It’d turn into free, cracked, or broken, so it could require tightening, patching, or readjusting.

Price to repair a Tankless Water Heater Pipe

Householders spend between $100 and $350 to repair pipes. The worth relies on how accessible the pipe is, the fabric, and the way a lot piping have to be repaired. Varied points can come up with pipes, corresponding to cracks, holes, rust, and different damages that will want patching.

Tankless Water Heater repair Price by Kind of Substitute

If elements of your tankless water heater break down or turn into broken, it won’t be doable to repair them. As an alternative, they could should be changed with new elements. The price of substitute elements varies as a result of some elements are smaller, less complicated, and cheaper than others. The desk under reveals widespread substitute elements for tankless heaters and common prices, together with elements and labor.

Kind of Substitute Common Price (Labor Included)
Fuse $50 – $75
Stream Swap $75 – $150
Vent $75 – $250
Pilot Mild $100 – $175
Thermostat $100 – $250
Stress Reduction Valve $100 – $250
Valve $100 – $300
Pipe $150 – $800
Coil $200 – $750
Aspect $200 – $750

Fuse Substitute Value

Householders spend between $50 and $75 on fuse replacements in tankless heaters. A fuse would possibly blow if the circuit powering the system turns into overloaded or a brief circuit happens. Both method, blown fuses have to be changed. New fuses are cheap and simple to put in.

Tankless Water Heater Stream Swap Substitute Value

The common value of substitute circulate switches in tankless heaters ranges from $75 to $150. The circulate swap is a key element in a tankless system and used to detect water circulate and mechanically activate the system and begin heating. If the swap just isn’t working appropriately, it’s possible you’ll not have sizzling water or the circulate could also be intermittent.

Tankless Water Heater Vent Substitute Value

The common value to exchange vents for tankless heating programs averages $75 to $250. The worth relies on the vent measurement and kind and the way accessible the realm is. Small and easy-to-access vents are cheaper to exchange. You might want vent substitute in case your present vents are excessively clogged or significantly broken.

Pilot Mild Substitute Price

Pilot mild replacements in tankless heaters value between $100 and $175. Pilot mild assemblies don’t often should be changed. A plumber near me service first tries to reignite or modify a pilot mild that has gone out. However the meeting or thermocouple might should be changed if the sunshine doesn’t come again on.

Price to Substitute a Tankless Water Heater Thermostat

Thermostat replacements in tankless heaters common $100 to $250. In case your heater just isn’t heating up appropriately or getting too sizzling, you could have a damaged thermostat that must be changed. The worth for this substitute relies on which thermostat you want and your heater model as a result of some thermostats are extra complicated and costly than others.

Tankless Water Heater Stress Reduction Valve Substitute Price

Householders spend between $100 and $250 on stress aid valve replacements in tankless heaters. The stress aid valve is among the most essential valves on any system as a result of it controls the stress. You might want a brand new valve if yours has been significantly broken or you’re having stress issues.

Valve Substitute Value

The common value of valve substitute in tankless heaters ranges from $100 to $300. A variety of valves could be discovered round your system, together with drain valves, shut-off valves, stress aid valves, and gasoline valves. All these valves can turn into broken or cease working, so they could want changing.

Price to Substitute a Tankless Water Heater Pipe

The common value of pipe substitute in tankless heaters is between $150 and $800. The entire repair value varies primarily based on the pipe measurement and materials that wants changing. Pipes may have changing if they’re rusty or excessively broken with cracks or holes too large or harmful to Tankless water heater repair cost.

Tankless Coil Substitute Price

The price of coil substitute in tankless heaters averages $200 to $750. Coils are present in electrical heaters and a few solar-powered fashions. They’re used to warmth the water, and if they aren’t working appropriately, it’s possible you’ll discover no sizzling water coming out of your taps or bathe.

Tankless Water Heater Aspect Substitute Price

Householders spend between $200 and $750 on heater factor replacements in tankless heating sytems. The heating factor is basically the identical because the coil. It is part of an electrical heater immediately accountable for heating the water. When you’ve got no sizzling water or your unit doesn’t appear to be working, it’s possible you’ll want a brand new heating factor.

Tankless Water Heater repair Price by Downside

The price of your tankless water heater repairs varies drastically, relying on the issue. For instance, fixing a leak is totally different than coping with rust in your system or a low-pressure downside along with your heating system. The desk under reveals widespread issues with these kind of heater and the typical prices to repair every.

Downside Common repair Price (Labor Included)
Shuts Off $50 – $500
Leak $50 – $600
Low Stress $75 – $500
Ignition Failure $100 – $300
Loud Rumbling Noise $100 – $650
Clog $150 – $400
Scaling $150 – $450
Frozen Pipes $200 – $550
Rotten Eggs Scent $200 – $600
Rust $200 – $800
Chilly Water Sandwich $300 – $1,000

Tankless Water Heater Shuts Off Throughout a Bathe

In case your heater randomly shuts off whereas having a shower, count on to pay between $50 and $500 to repair it. There are numerous causes for a heater to close off randomly. It may very well be a blown fuse that have to be changed or a problem with one other element like a valve, circulate swap, pilot mild, or wiring.


Repairing leaks in tankless heating programs averages $50 to $600. This vast worth vary is as a result of some leaks are a lot less complicated to repair than others. Your leak may very well be brought on by a free valve that wants tightening, or it could be brought on by a burst pipe, elevating prices.

Low Stress

Householders pay between $75 and $500 to repair low-pressure issues in tankless fashions. Low stress in such a items is often brought on by a problem with the valves or stress regulator, which can want minor changes. It may be brought on by issues with the pipes or mineral buildups within the system, which wants flushing out.

Ignition Failure

The common value to repair ignition failure issues in a tankless heater ranges from $100 to $300. Your heater won’t ignite for a number of causes. It may very well be brought on by a problem along with your gasoline or propane provide or a valve downside. The valves would possibly should be adjusted or changed.

Tankless Water Heater Makes a Loud Rumbling NoiseThe common value to repair a tankless heating system making loud rumbling noises is between $100 and $650. Your unit may very well be making noise for just a few causes. One of the crucial widespread points is sediment buildup. There may additionally be a problem along with your heating factor or issues with free or broken piping. Relying on the issue, totally different repair strategies could also be wanted, corresponding to changing the heating factor or flushing the system.

Mineral Buildup

When you’ve got a mineral buildup inflicting a clog in your tankless heating system, count on to spend between $150 and $400 to repair it. Mineral buildups mostly happen in houses with hard water 3 provides, however mineral buildups and clogs can accumulate even in areas with gentle water. To take care of this, a plumber should find and flush the clog.

ScalingScaling issues in tankless heating programs value between $150 and $450 to repair . Scaling is when mineral deposits and limescale type contained in the pipes and different elements of your system. Your system is at an above-average danger of scaling for those who stay in a tough water zone. Flushing and cleansing the system might help with this downside and take away scale deposits.

Frozen Pipes

When you’ve got frozen pipes in your tankless heating system, prices vary from $200 to $550 to have them repaired. You might encounter this downside for those who stay in an space with chilly winters and freezing temperatures. If the pipes freeze, the water provide have to be turned off whereas a plumber rigorously thaws the frozen sections. They might additionally advocate putting in insulation to stop future freezing points.

Tankless Water Heater Smells Like Rotten EggsIn case your tankless heater emits a odor like rotten eggs, count on to pay between $200 and $600 to have it fastened. A rotten egg odor is often an indication of hydrogen sulfide, which signifies corrosion or a buildup of micro organism. In both case, the supply of the issue have to be recognized, and the system must be flushed and cleaned.

Rusted Heate

rIn case your tankless heater has rust issues, count on prices of between $200 and $800 to have it repaired. Rust could be a major problem, and if it builds an excessive amount of, the heater could also be past repair . You want a brand new heater on this case, which will be very costly. It’s best to take care of rust as quickly as you see it. Any rusty sections of pipes or vents could also be cleaned, sanded, or changed.

Chilly Water Sandwich

When coping with a “chilly water sandwich” downside in your tankless heating system, count on to spend between $300 and $1,000 to repair this challenge. The standard repair methodology for this downside is the set up of a mini tank heating tank. This downside occurs when the bathe temperature randomly adjustments, going from sizzling to chilly after which again to sizzling, often whereas having a shower. This typically occurs due to trapped water within the pipes. A mini tank water heater helps stop the sudden blast of chilly water.

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Tankless Water Heater repair Price by Model

There are numerous manufacturers of tankless water heaters, together with Rheem, Noritz, Bosch, and EcoSmart. The heater model immediately impacts the price of your repairs as a result of some manufacturers have costlier elements and extra complicated programs than others. The desk under reveals widespread manufacturers and the typical prices to repair a tankless water heater for every.

Model Common Price (Electrical) Common Price (Gasoline)
Bosch $100 – $600 $125 – $625
Rheem $125 – $625 $150 – $650
EcoSmart $150 – $650 $175 – $675
Takagi N/A $175 – $675
Noritz N/A $200 – $700
Navien N/A $200 – $700
Rinnai N/A $200 – $700


Bosch Tankless Water Heater repair Price

The common value to repair a Bosch tankless heater is between $100 and $600 for electrical fashions and $125 and $625 for gasoline fashions. Bosch is a German model based in 1886, which produces and sells a variety {of electrical} home equipment, together with tankless heaters. This model provides reasonably priced fashions which can be comparatively cheap to repair.

Rheem Tankless Water Heater repair Value..

Repairing a Rheem tankless heater averages $125 to $625 for electrical items and $150 to $650 for gasoline fashions. Rheem is a U.S. model primarily based in California. It’s the largest water heating producer on the earth, providing a variety of tankless fashions in lots of shapes and sizes to go well with totally different households. Repairs for Rheem heaters might embrace thermostat replacements and valve repairs.

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater repair Value

The common value to repair an EcoSmart tankless heater is between $150 and $650 for electrical items and $175 to $675 for gas-powered fashions. EcoSmart is a model specializing in eco-friendly heaters, together with solar-powered fashions. Heaters from this model are usually superior, and sure substitute elements could also be priced barely greater than common.

Takagi Tankless Water Heater repair Price

Householders spend between $175 and $675 on repairs for Takagi tankless gasoline heaters. Takagi is a model specializing solely in gas-powered heaters. They often should not have superior sensible options like Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular controls, however they’re recognized for being dependable and durable. Like different heaters, they will break down and require repair.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater repair Price

Repairing a Noritz tankless gasoline heater averages $200 to $700. Noritz is among the extra high-end manufacturers, providing a spread of gasoline and propane tankless fashions. Like Takagi, Noritz-branded merchandise are famed for being sturdy and dependable, so they need to not break down a lot within the first years. Nonetheless, they will nonetheless endure put on and tear.

Navien Tankless Water Heater repair Value

The price to repair a Navien tankless gasoline heater ranges from $200 to $700. Navien is a Japanese firm based in 1978 and has turn into one of many main manufacturers of tankless heaters. New fashions bought from this model include 15-year warranties and are a number of the most dependable round. However you should still encounter points with elements just like the thermostat and pilot mild.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater repair Price

Householders spend between $200 and $700 on repairs for Rinnai tankless gasoline water heaters. Rinnai is a number one producer of high-end tankless heaters, specializing in gas-powered fashions that always function sensible connectivity and Wi-Fi controls. Rinnai heaters are additionally very environment friendly, perfect for individuals who need to waste much less vitality. Like several heater, they will endure from broken elements, corresponding to valves, thermostats, and pilot mild assemblies.

Labor Price to repair a Tankless Water Heater

Plumbers and water heater repair specialists cost anyplace from $50 to $150 per hour for his or her providers. Some cost by the hour, whereas others have set charges. The worth can also be influenced by your location, the quantity of competitors amongst plumbers within the space, and the plumber’s expertise. You might pay further for emergency repairs or an additional payment for those who stay in a distant location and the plumber has to journey an extended distance to get to your private home.

Tankless Water Heater Upkeep Price

The common value {of professional} tankless water heater upkeep is between $50 and $400 per go to. You are able to do upkeep by yourself to economize. Usually, householders can’t do a lot for tankless water heater upkeep, however there are some small duties you’ll be able to perform often to maintain your heater in good situation. First, examine the heater often to search for warning indicators, corresponding to rust, leaks, free valves, or warning messages on the heater’s show. Additionally it is really useful to descale your heater yearly. This helps stop mineral buildups within the system.

Price to Flush a Tankless Water Heater

The common value to flush a tankless water heater ranges from $100 to $200. Flushing is a helpful approach really useful to be finished yearly to maintain your unit in the most effective situation. It entails flushing water by way of the system to get rid of buildups of calcium and different minerals. Some fashions have a warning mild once they want flushing.

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